Lots of people write for business, and many can write well. But sometimes writing well just doesn't cut it.

Truly standing out in the heads and hearts of your ideal customers means getting creative. Get funny, poetic, quirky, heartfelt, angry, ridiculous, dramatic. Anything but bland.

That's when you'll make emotional connections that make customers remember you, talk about you, and come to you again and again.

What creative writing will work for you?

You might have an idea. Or you might not have a clue.

But you definitely want something special. Imaginative words that light up your ideal customers while conveying something important about you, something that helps them to identify with you. Compelling words that could be used in an advertising campaign, a promotional video, as part of your brand.

I can work with you to get under the skin of your brand, your ideal customers and your business needs, and co-create a project or campaign to really connect with your audience.

Let's talk.

“I’m speechless at the wonder of these words. You really are a writer, Rowena. This is mythic and magic, artistry that breathes soul. Thank you so much.”
Annabel Newfield, Shakti Tantra


Are you ready to invest in a professional brand that shows you mean business, attracting more of the work and customers that you love?

Do you want to create clear business strategies and meaningful marketing messages, steering clear of corporate cliches and sales fluff?

Do you want a brand with purpose and integrity, that tells the world what makes you so great at what you do, and inspires them with your vision of what could be?

It all starts with the right words.

  1. Strategic words to focus your business and guide you in the direction of greater success and fulfilment.
  2. Creative words to delight and attract your ideal clients.
  3. Memorable words to help your messages stand out and your marketing and communications to stay consistent and compelling.

Who is authentic branding for?

It's ideal for small to medium-sized businesses who are serious about taking their business up a level, without resorting to sales and marketing tactics that don't quite sit right, or that simply sound like everyone else on the market.

Want to know more? Contact me to book a free 30-minute brand consultation call, or find out what authentic branding involves.

"Rowena understood instantly what we were trying to achieve - a firm sense of brand identity, but with a playful, personal twist that would appeal to long-standing and new customers alike. Working with Rowena could not have been easier; we knew immediately she would deliver exactly what we were hoping for."
Simon Connolly, Director, Greens Restaurant


Short on budget, but big on ambition?

Perfect for small business owners, my 90-minute branding and marketing consultations offer you affordable, expert advice tailored to your needs on a branding or marketing topic that's relevant to you.

  1. I'll send you a detailed questionnaire that will help me get to the heart of your business and your goals, and will kick-start the creative process for you.
  2. We'll chat via Zoom for our 90-minute consultation - it's easy to use and convenient for wherever you are in the world.
  3. You can choose to receive an optional follow-up report summarising our discussion and mapping your way forward, including any extra tips and advice that may come to my mind after our meeting.

I offer dedicated consultations on the following topics:

Branding essentials
Learn how you can create an authentic verbal brand rooted in values and purpose that will help you to stand out and attract your ideal customers.

Mini marketing brainstorm
A general overview. We’ll clarify where you're at and define a vision of where you want to be, then formulate useful strategies and tactics to help get you there.

Developing a personal brand
When YOU are the business. Find out how to tell your story, amplifying the most positive aspects of yourself to make a lasting impression and connect with your tribe.

Copywriting tips and tricks
Take control of your communications and learn some simple, effective copywriting tactics that will help you to get your messages across more powerfully.

All consultations cost £250, plus £99 for the optional follow-up report.

If you have another topic or topics related to marketing, communications and brands that you’d like some help with, please get in touch to discuss and I’ll see if I can tailor a consultation to your needs.

Remember, you’re the expert at what you do – focus your time on that, and get help from other experts with the rest.

Contact me to find out more or to book your appointment.

"I recently had a brainstorming marketing session with Rowena, as I was feeling a bit stuck in my business and unsure of the next step. I was easily guided to finding out what was important to me and the possible solutions to any stumbling blocks. I left armed with lots of inspiration, ideas and great advice. I can’t recommend this service enough for small businesses."
Michelle Petts, Owner, Sacred Space Yoga & Reiki