Lots of people write for business, and many can write well. But effective copywriting needs more than professional language and accurate grammar if it’s going to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Good copywriting is smooth and unsullied, awakening interest, curiosity and desire.

Great copywriting* grabs attention, stirs emotions, drives messages home and incentivises positive actions.

Bad copywriting generates boredom, distaste, ridicule and – arguably worst of all – nothing.

The words in your promotions are your messengers. Do they truly represent you? Get you noticed by the right people for the right reasons? Make connections, generate positive reactions?

Contact me if you’re lost for words.

*spoiler alert – great copywriting lives here

“We knew that Stellify was strategically important and had huge potential, but it lacked the language and definition to really make sense. You helped us work out exactly what we were trying to say throughout the campaign, creating a shared language and tone of voice that was grounded in the daily reality of the University but enabled us to present an ambitious and aspirational vision of the future. That’s a tricky line to walk, and you pulled it off with great sensitivity and insight.”
Pete Morris, Student Communications and Marketing Manager, The University of Manchester


Perhaps you don't have the budget for a large agency - but you understand the value of creating a strategic and authentic brand, which will provide direction and focus for your business, attract more of the clients and work that you love, and help you to feel more fulfilled and motivated in your work.

Logos make you look good. But authentic branding gives you much more than a pretty face.

I can create a unique and strategic brand for you that will enable you to stand out clearly and effectively – and help you to pinpoint and develop your business strategy, objectives and vision, enabling your business to grow. 

We'll align your brand with your personal values and goals, for a more fulfilling and authentic business that will connect with and attract the perfect clients for you.

To find out more, book a FREE 30-minute "done for you" brand consultation call and we'll take it from there.

"Rowena understood instantly what we were trying to achieve - a firm sense of brand identity, but with a playful, personal twist that would appeal to long-standing and new customers alike. Working with Rowena could not have been easier; we knew immediately she would deliver exactly what we were hoping for."
Simon Connolly, Director, Greens Restaurant


Empower yourself with the right knowledge, insight and support to take your business to the next level, with my online training programme - or a one-to-one consultation on a branding or marketing topic that's relevant to you.

Purposeful Branding for Entrepreneurs is a three-month online programme for service-led business owners who want to create a unique, strategic, authentic brand that will be personally fulfilling, professionally successful and appealing to your ideal clients and work.

You'll join a select group of entrepreneurs on the same path, working together to align your business with your personal values and goals, and getting clarity and consistency around your messages and marketing tactics, as well as the direction and focus of your business.

We'll make sure that aspects of your business such as your name, strapline, visual branding, product/service names and packages are all nailed down and working hard for your business success.

Get a taste of what you could learn by watching my online masterclass: How to build a powerful, authentic brand.

If this speaks to you and you'd like to find out more, book a FREE 40-minute brand consultation call and we'll take it from there.

Alteratively, a tailored, intensive marketing consultation can empower you with expert tips and tricks to boost your business and marketing strategy, ideas for a creative advertising campaign, improved copywriting skills and more.

Perfect for small business owners, my 90-minute marketing and copywriting consultations offer you affordable, expert advice tailored to your needs.

For a full list of consultation topics, see Brand and marketing consultations.

Contact me to discuss joining my next Purposeful Branding programme, or booking a consultation appointment.

"I recently had a brainstorming marketing session with Rowena, as I was feeling a bit stuck in my business and unsure of the next step. I was easily guided to finding out what was important to me and the possible solutions to any stumbling blocks. I left armed with lots of inspiration, ideas and great advice. I can’t recommend this service enough for small businesses. "
Michelle Petts, Owner, Sacred Space Yoga & Reiki

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