Get expert knowledge on a range of marketing and communication topics, plus tactics and advice directly tailored to your business.

I offer dedicated consultations on the following topics:

Mini marketing brainstorm

A general overview. We’ll clarify where you're at and define a vision of where you want to be, then formulate useful strategies and tactics to help get you there.

Branding essentials

Learn how to create an authentic verbal brand rooted in values and purpose that will help you to stand out and attract your ideal customers.

Developing a personal brand

When YOU are the business. Find out how to tell your story, amplifying the most positive aspects of yourself to make a lasting impression and connect with your tribe.

Copywriting tips and tricks

Take control of your communications and learn some simple, effective copywriting tactics that will help you to get your messages across more powerfully.

Writing for the web

Discover what makes writing for an online audience different to print, and get advice on creating copy for your website, blogs, social media, etc.

Copywriting critique

Get professional feedback and positive suggestions for improvement on a piece of existing or draft written marketing collateral of your choice – e.g. website, marketing brochure, blog post, business report, flyer, etc.

If you have another topic or topics related to marketing, communications and brands that you’d like some help with, please get in touch to discuss and I’ll happily tailor a consultation to your needs.

Remember, you’re the expert at what you do – focus your time on that, and get help from other experts with the rest.