Connect More Deeply With Authentic Creative Writing

Do you feel a longing to express yourself more deeply, fully, authentically? Do you feel some inspiration stirring within that wants to come out – if only you knew where to start, or how to connect with it?

Authentic Creativity is the magical space behind our minds that allows us to tap into our natural creative flow – the blissful, relaxed state of genius that’s waiting within. Here is where our truth and creative spirit lie.

Here we can reach our full potential – as writers, artists, people. Authentic creative writing expands our experiences, deepens our understanding and gifts us with a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

Inspiring. Expansive. Alive.


I’m your guide to expressing yourself more deeply and creatively in your writing, making connections with yourself, with others on the same journey, and perhaps with the rest of the world.

I run authentic creativity writing workshops on a wide range of themes, at various venues from holistic retreats to community events, from corporate businesses to cosy cafes.

Through one-off workshops, or a series of sessions, I offer safe spaces of trust and consent where aspiring creatives can feel free to explore, experiment and learn more about what they want to say, and how they can express it.

Themes include (but are not limited to):

    • Mindful Writing and Conscious Creativity
    • Problem-Solving Through Creative Writing
    • Playing with Metaphor
    • Stories We Tell Ourselves
    • Setting Intentions
    • Exploring and Expressing Parenthood
    • Meet Your Creative Daemon
    • Writing a Time and a Place

If you have a theme or goal in mind that you would like to explore, get in touch. I’d be happy to create something for you.

Writing for Authentic Creativity Course

In this three-month group course, you’ll approach your writing with an open mind and heart, creating a consistent writing practice that works for you and your busy life. The online format allows you to enjoy the benefits of group work without the hassle of travel. 

Together with an engaging and supportive group, you’ll experience the pleasure of entering your creative flow, the state of “genius” where you’re fully immersed and totally relaxed in your writing. 

With your busy and critical mind silent (maybe for the first time ever!), you’ll access your intuition and uncover what’s waiting for you in the present moment– elevating your writing to new places. 

Uncover Your Authentic Voice And Style

Writing creatively comes from tapping into your authenticity– however that shows up. 

Unlike other courses that are created around genre, style and structure, this is your time to play. You’ll be supported to write intuitively, using styles that resonate with you. Dip your toes in multiple styles, or dive deep with just one.

Overcoming any blockages, you’ll awaken your creative gifts in unusual and imaginative ways, empowering you to create the work (and life) you’ve always wanted.

Deeply Connect And Share Your Journey Of Self-Expression

Writing For Authentic Creativity is offered in a small, intimate group format of 5-8 people to accelerate your progress. With the perfect balance of personal coaching and support from like-minded people, you’ll experience a safe, judgement-free environment to grow at your own speed. 

Meeting weekly online, this group is a safe place to express yourself and play without fear– everyone is carefully chosen and screened for privacy and trust. 

You’ll have a supportive space in your life to explore your creativity and enjoy the deep connections that happen when you share and witness each other’s work. 

Realising your full capabilities, you’ll finish the workshop confident, renewed and inspired, with a published PDF of the group’s work to present to the world.

Over 12 short weeks, in the comfort of your home, you’ll:

  • Unlock your creativity, allowing you to reach your full writing potential
  • Step into your creative flow, removing blockages, self-doubt and uncertainty
  • Discover the bliss of creating– without your critical mind interrupting and sabotaging your words
  • Stretch yourself, try something new and discover the beauty you’re really capable of creating– for yourself, for others, and the world!
  • Produce a polished piece of creative writing that comes from intuitive inspiration, helpful encouragement, and fast-tracked learning

Sneak A Peek Inside The Writing For Creative Authenticity Workshop:

Unlike most writing courses that are structured around genre or style, this workshop helps you get in touch with your unique and authentic creativity. 

You won’t learn how to write– you’ll learn how to connect with your creative spirit. Moving you forward, the act of creation transforms, revealing a better understanding of yourself, others and the world around you. 

Whether you want to write novels, short stories, poetry, screenplays, or just really great social media posts, you’ll release your creative abilities and launch your writing to new heights.

By the end of our time together, I’ll help you see the truth and beauty you’re capable of creating and support you in sharing your words with the world.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy with the Writing For Creative Authenticity Workshop

Weekly Zoom calls with an intimate group of like-minded people

  • Embark on a writing journey of self-expression with like-minded people who support and encourage you
  • Create rich, meaningful connections with others as you share and witness each other’s creative exploration
  • Enjoy a shared sense of purpose with a supportive community that allows you to spread your wings

An exclusive Facebook group to stimulate your creativity and encourage your growth. You’ll:

  • Access our private, thriving community with kind and compassionate support
  • Stay accountable with weekly homework exercises that awaken your creative juices
  • Gain feedback, inspiration and encouragement from everyone so you’re uplifted and motivated
  • Be heard by offering your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental environment

Short exercises to unlock your intuition, access your inherent creativity and fuel your imagination

  • Find out how to bypass your inner critic and unlock your intuition so writing is fun, relaxing, fulfilling and flows
  • Discover what’s available to you in the moment, and enjoy the bliss of true creative inspiration whenever you write

Longer exercises to dive into yourself deeply

  • Find the freedom to explore your inner self
  • Experience the transformative power of creating from your authenticity
  • Experience the transformative power of creating from your authenticity
  • Turn your words into work that’s polished, beautiful and entertaining

Skyrocket your confidence and work like a writer

  • Share your work in a safe place of trust and mutual consent (and only if you want to)
  • Become comfortable with expressing yourself to others and sharing the beauty of your truth
  • Grow your abilities beyond what you ever thought possible
  • Inspire and be inspired by others

Discover published authors and delve into their writing:

  • Become inspired by what’s possible when you create authentically
  • Gain clarity on the styles, genres and structures that resonate with you
  • Fuel your imagination with new ideas and concepts

Ready To Take A Deep Breath And Dive In?

Whether you’ve always wanted to write or you’re already writing, the Writing For Authenticity Course will open you to a world of new creative possibilities, and everyday inspiration from your creative spark. 

Let’s talk

On our first discovery call we’ll discuss your unique needs – and, if you’re interested in creating an authentic brand for your business, I’ll send you a tailored proposal outlining what we can do and how much it will cost.

The Creative Brand Book package starts at £3,000.