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curious writers towards deeper, richer, easier, more authentic self-expression.

Starting in September 2021…

Open to Inspiration

A 12-month, in-depth, interactive journey into your authentic creative flow.

Do you have a not-so-secret burning desire to be a writer, but spend your days waiting for inspiration to randomly strike before you start to write?

Do you have a writing project on the go, but find yourself sabotaging your progress, stressed and self-doubting, slave to the dreaded demon of procrastination?

Do you write all the time, but feel the urge to shake things up, stretch your creative muscles, discover something fresh?

Open to Inspiration is a 12-month creativity coaching programme for a select group of scribblers who want to find and nurture their creative genius, while having fun playing around with words, so they can write with more freedom, focus and (wait for it) fun!

Pilot programme price: £75 per month, or £850 up front for the year.

(A referral scheme is available – scroll down or contact me to find out more.)

Writer's block, begone!

Slowly, surely, over the course of one year, we shall…

  • Expand your expressive horizons – playing with various creative writing exercises, styles, structures and more to help you find a mode of expression that you love, moving you towards the relaxed, immersive state of creative flow.
  • Shift old habits and mindset – so you can bypass what blocks you and open up to the mysterious forces of inspiration, from the whispering muses of the world to the creative genius within.
  • Become more conscious – through intuitive exercises and coaching, so you can turn your experiences, talents and desires into fertile fuel for your writer’s fire.
  • Share helpful resources – authors, books, articles, videos, prompts, exercises and more to pique your curiosity, answer your questions and inspire you with what’s possible.
  • Create a writing practice that you love – one that works for you and your life, with practical and mindful ideas and exercises.

Access your intuition. Discover the fertile present moment. Elevate your writing to new places.

The magic of the group

Forget comparison and find inspiration among a small, intimate fellowship of curious creatives who will accelerate your progress. 

Meeting monthly online, this group is a safe, judgement-free environment to express yourself and play without fear; everyone is carefully chosen and screened for privacy and trust.

You’ll have a supportive space in your life to explore your writing and enjoy the deep connections that happen when you share and witness each other’s creative work. 

Together, we can overcome blocks and find our full potential – as writers, artists, people. Experiment, explore, dig deep, share and, most importantly, PLAY.


  • Bite-sized, pre-recorded sessions to listen to at your convenience, introducing you to ideas and exercises around themes of creativity, writing and inspiration.
  • 12 interactive group sessions conducted monthly via Zoom, full of scribbling, sharing, questions and chat to build deeper connections with your creative self and with others on the same journey.
  • A private online group on Mighty Networks, where you can access resources and share your writing, questions and creative space with course members.
  • Writing! Both in our group and on your own, you’ll have plenty of time (and prompts) to play with your words and see what wonders you can weave.
  • Discounted rates on 1-2-1 coaching sessions with me, for tailored help towards your intentions and goals for your individual writer’s journey.

Why Open to Inspiration?

This isn’t about teaching you “how to write”. This is about connecting with your innate authentic creativity, freeing you from self-doubt and the expectations of others so that you can do what we’re all meant to do: put more of your unique self into the world. 

Whether you want to write novels, short stories, poetry, screenplays, or just journal more deeply and intentionally, you’ll find the creative opportunities, confidence, courage and inspiration to write what truly wants to come out of you.

I’m here to help you see the truth and beauty (or even hilarity!) that you’re capable of creating, because the world needs more of what you’ve got.

The journey to creative flow:
create space, tune in, explore, fly free


  • Learn more about inspiration. What is it? Where does it come from? How can you invite it in?
  • Meet your "creative daemon" - your unique spark of genius that wants to help you write.
  • Magnifying muses - explore some of the many sources of inspiration that are open to you.


  • Get conscious about your creativity. Explore your passions, desires, concerns - and find focus.
  • Befriend your inner critic - yes, it's possible! Stop self-sabotage and get a new helper in your corner.
  • Learn how to procrastinate with purpose, so you can build creative commitment.


  • Revel in the ridiculous. Free yourself and find flow with the help of your inner child.
  • Cross-pollinate your creativity with the help of other artistic pursuits and sensory input.
  • Write bravely. Find beauty in the shadow, and alchemise your own creative gold.


This is a course for writers, after all. We'll use the words, ideas and experiences of other authors to inspire our own creative writing - and see what we can come up with ourselves.

In our group sessions, in your individual "homework" and via regular writing prompts in our private online group, you'll be invited to try writing in different styles, topics, structures and more, so you can stretch yourself beyond the boundaries of what you've written before and explore what you're capable of creating.

Join the pilot programme for a discounted cost

For participants starting in September 2021, Open to Inspiration costs:

£75 per month (or up-front payment of £850)

This unique price is for the pilot programme only - future programmes will cost more.

To book your place on this small-group course, you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of £75, which will cover the first month's payment (or leave you with £775 to pay by the start of the programme).

Do you offer a referral scheme?

Yes! If you take a place on this course and recommend it to someone else who also takes up a place, you will both receive £25 refund on your first course payment.

How do I book my place?

I want this course to be a valuable investment for you. If you love the sound of what you've read here and want to know more, I invite you to book a quick chat with me via Zoom using the link below.

Let's see if this is the right magical circle for you to find and play with creative inspiration.

P.S. Do you have a passion project?

Whether you’re working on a writing project right now, have one in mind that you’d love to start, or are longing for the “right” one to come to mind, there will be time, space and support for you to incorporate your work into this programme.

Come join us on the hunt for inspiration along this crazy, beautiful path of winding words. 

Let’s talk

On our first discovery call we’ll discuss your unique needs – and, if you’re interested in creating an authentic brand for your business, I’ll send you a tailored proposal outlining what we can do and how much it will cost.

The Creative Brand Book package starts at £3,000.