What's an authentic brand?

It's a brand free from corporate bullshit and jargon. A brand with integrity that showcases your purpose, personality and values - everything that makes your business unique.

It's not a pretty shell that looks good, but says little about who you really are. It gets to the heart of the people, vision and story behind your business.

It helps you to create not the business that others expect, but the business that you truly want.

And this is how we can create one for you.

The authentic branding process

  1. We'll schedule a 30-minute discovery call* to discuss in brief the story and vision of your business and owners/founders - where you're at, where you've been, and where you want to be.

  2. I'll send you a comprehensive branding questionnaire so I can get inside your head and know what you know - the work you do, brands you love, your strengths and talents, your ideal future. My job is to bring clarity to any confusion, so don't worry if you've not got to grips with everything at this stage - just spill out whatever you can.

  3. We'll schedule a 2-hour intensive workshop* where we'll wrestle with your vision, values and ideal clients, and discuss your brand personality - how you want to show up in the world. What's your purpose? What's your style? What kind of relationship do you want to have with your clients? How do you want them to feel? You talk, I'll listen and ask questions, and the creative cogs will slowly start to creak.

  4. I'll do my research. Here's where I get to know your industry and interests in greater depth, so I can create a brand that will a) stand out from your competition and b) be intrinsically you.

  5. I'll think. And scribbble. And probably snack. Fuel for the creative fire.

  6. We'll get your tone of voice nailed. All the work that makes your brand unique will stem from how it expresses itself and presents itself to the world. I'll give you options; you can choose what resonates, or pause to do a little market research to see what your clients most love. If we feel we need another meeting* at this stage, we'll schedule something in.

  7. I'll create your brand book - a comprehensive guide containing everything you need to articulate and use your new brand. For example:

    • your name and strapline (if needed), and what lies behind them;

    • the story of what brought you here, what made you strong and makes you unique;

    • a strategic mission and vision to direct your business goals and actions;

    • your values, promising your customers how you'll do business;

    • a brand personality and tone of voice, defining how you'll show up in the world and who you'll appeal to;

    • your main marketing messages, articulating what will make your customers love you;

    • examples of your brand in action - e.g. how you'll write product descriptions, answer customer enquiries, describe a service.

And I always like to bring something extra creative to the table. Have a look at my portfolio for examples of the kind of creative writing that could become part of your authentic brand.

* I conduct my discovery calls and meetings via Zoom. It's easy to use and convenient for pretty much anywhere in the world.

Optional extras

  • My Mini Marketing Brainstorm is a 90-minute consultation that will set you and your new brand on the path to success, with ideas and advice for your next marketing moves.

  • I can co-create the perfect design brief for a graphic designer and/or web designer to create a visual look and feel that will beautifully complement the strategy and tone of your brand. I have designers that I regularly use and can recommend, or you can source your own if you prefer.

  • More words in your brand's tone of voice for a whole host of marketing purposes - writing for your website, a launch flyer or email, brochure, social media bios, product descriptions, blog posts and so on. Whatever you need to get your brand in play.

How much does it cost?

On our first discovery call together we'll discuss your unique needs and, if you're interested in creating an authentic brand for your business, I'll send you a tailored proposal outlining what we can do and how much it will cost.

The authentic branding package starts at £3,000.

What now?

Want to discuss creating an authentic brand? Contact me to book a 30-minute discovery call.

Want to see an example of an authentic brand? Browse the brand I created for Baileo.