When You Use Your Authentic Voice Words Resonate, People Connect

Hi, I’m Rowena.

I’ve been a Creative Business Writer and copywriter for 18 years, creating unique, purposeful brand voices for established organisations.

Now, as an Expressive Creativity Coach, I also help people to tap into their creative flow and find their own authentic voice.

But Words Didn’t Always Come Easily

I was a shy kid. Lacking confidence, the idea of openly sharing my thoughts and personality was terrifying.

I struggled to find my voice.

So I did what I loved instead– I grabbed a book and escaped in its pages. In quiet corners, nose buried in the dusky scent of paper, I dove into stories that gave me what I secretly craved– a deeper connection to humanity. I discovered universal truths, became fascinated with what makes us tick.

And soon, instead of talking, I scribbled. Pouring my thoughts down on paper, I explored. I played. Sometimes I took myself way too seriously.

And eventually, I found my voice.

Putting My Voice On Blast

From then on, I always knew I’d work with words. I completed a BA (Hons) in English, then a Diploma in Marketing Communications. 

Bringing creativity and authenticity to amazing brands, I’ve learned to create meaningful messages– not stale marketing mumbo-jumbo. This is connective marketing, designed for emotional impact. 

Over the last 18 years, I’ve created verbal brands and tone of voice for organisations and projects. I’ve developed content for print and digital media and I’ve been published by established media outlets. 

I’ve loved it. From writing magazine reviews of holiday destinations, restaurants and bars, to working on award-winning marketing initiatives, I’ve enjoyed expressing both myself and the visions, desires and personalities of others. 

And I’m flattered by the rave reviews my clients have shared. But don’t take my word for it – take theirs.

Tapping Into The Transformative Power Of Words​

Writing has always been a labour of love for me. But it wasn’t until I completed some Dark Angels Creative Writing for Business workshops that I understood its full power. And how the act of creation itself can transform.

During one particular writing exercise, I felt compelled to write about something deeply personal. I was hesitant at first, but once I followed that intuitive suggestion I found myself in the state of creative flow– time lost, feeling inspiration work through me.

And so I revisited a trauma that I’d experienced years ago. I let my words explore it, play with it, and turn it into something else. Something that held beauty and wisdom alongside the pain.

At first, I didn’t want to share these words. Even though I was in a trusted group of supportive people, I was scared to say my truth out loud.

But the sharing was a revelation for me. My words were witnessed, held with silent compassion and understanding. My words connected, deeply.

And those words, that connection, set something in me free – something that I didn’t even know I was holding prisoner.

The written word has been my voice when I couldn’t speak for myself. It’s been my source of income, self-therapy and delight.

But now it also helps me to tap into my most authentic self. Reaching for my intuition, I can step into my creative flow, knock down whatever’s blocking me and find words that connect me more deeply, both with others and with myself.

That’s the pleasure and transformation that I want to facilitate for you.


Discover The Bliss Of Your Own Creativity

As your Expressive Creativity Coach,  I want to help you ignite your creative spirit, touch people’s hearts and revel in the pleasure of creating something meaningful. I want you to understand your power as the creator of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve written for years, or never tried. 

Everyone is creative. Everyone has access to the depths of universal truth and beauty within. You have something to say that will resonate with other people. Your words can change lives.

And, when we come together in a place of trust and compassion, we can connect more deeply with ourselves– and each other.

Set Your Creative Spirit Free