I was a pretty shy kid. Lacking in confidence, I found it hard to put my thoughts and personality out there, and struggled to find my voice.

But I loved to read. In quiet corners with my nose buried in a book, I found a way to connect with humanity and discover universal stories and truths that make us all tick.

And, instead of talking, I would write. Scribbling my life and thoughts out on paper, I finally found my own voice.

Shyness isn't an issue for me any more. But I continue to use my writing talents - now primarily to give a voice to business owners and brands, when they need the right words to say.

I created Words Inspire to help people and organisations who are awesome at what they do successfully and meaningfully connect with the people they love to work with and for.


Our values make life – and work – more meaningful.

These values underpin my business, and will inform the work that I’ll produce for you.

(I can also help you write your brand values.)

  • Authenticity – The most compelling words have the genuine ring of truth. No fudging, no exaggeration, no bullshit. Just sincere, credible copy that convinces people of your value to them.
  • Clarity – Don’t mess with the message. This doesn’t mean only using the plainest English, or being as concise as possible. Sometimes an apt metaphor or memorable turn of phrase gets key points across more effectively than a flat fact.
  • Listening – I like to hear you talk and enter your world. Sometimes just half an hour of observing your work processes, discovering your origins or discussing your dreams can spark a creative campaign concept, or a compelling call to action.
  • Strategy – Focusing on realistic aims gets the most from your time and budget. Identify convincing messages, get them to the right audiences and set appropriate calls to action to get the best results.
  • Imagination – People and businesses all do things a little differently from each other. But do you truly stand out as distinctive, or do you stay safe and go bland? Create your own legend – only pioneers dare.

I love bringing authenticity and creativity to my work, helping to make the business world a little more human again.


I have 18 years of professional experience spanning marketing, communications and journalism. And I’ve learned a lot in that time.

I’ve learned to devise meaningful messages rather than sweeping statements, apply strategic thinking to creative campaigns, and spot a rogue apostrophe at a thousand paces.

I’ve created verbal brands and tone of voice for organisations and projects, developed content for print and digital media, advised on communications strategies, contributed articles to national newspapers, reviewed holiday destinations, restaurants and bars for magazines, and contributed ideas and words to a number of award-winning initiatives, projects and publications.

I have a Diploma in Marketing Communications. More importantly, I’ve completed three wonderful Dark Angels courses, which I highly recommend for anyone interested in harnessing their innate creativity to write more effectively for business.

And I’m flattered to have received many glowing recommendations of my work throughout my career.

But don’t take my word for it. Take theirs.