What Is Expressive Creativity Coach, Anyway?

From tapping into your creative flow to blasting through writer’s block, a Expressive Creativity Coach helps you realise and release your creative gifts.

Emma works full-time as an HR exec at an IT company. She has a son she adores, a football-obsessed husband and a Great Dane named Dexter at home. 

But, despite having a full and busy life, she’s always dreamed of writing something meaningful.

When she was at university, she took a creative writing class and loved it. Though she was studying Business Administration, she looked forward to sitting down and experimenting with the writing exercises, surprised at what would show up. And deep down, she dreamed of turning her ideas into something concrete, real.

When the semester finished, she promised herself that she’d keep writing. Maybe she could even write that book she always dreamed possible over the summer. 

But it never happened. As university became more stressful, Emma’s writing fell by the wayside. Then, as life went on, creative writing became a distant dream she locked away– but never quite forgot. 

Sound familiar?

The Role Of A Expressive Creativity Coach

Like Emma, millions of people are hungry to tell their truth through the power of words. But most people never do it. They never realise their creative dreams of writing something meaningful. 

Let’s change that.

As an Expressive Creativity Coach, I help people get in touch with their creativity and step into their flow, so they can write the words they’ve always dreamed possible– whether you’ve written your whole life, or never penned a word.

Because you’re already a gifted writer. Don’t believe me? 

As soon as you tap into your authentic self, you’ll write the words you’ve always wanted to say. They’ll spill like a crashing dam. Here’s why:

I believe that writing creatively comes from authenticity. It comes from connecting with your true self and reaching for what’s there in the present moment – trusting what wants to come out. 

When you can do this, your mind becomes joyfully silent, allowing your creative spirit to arise. Then, the words start to flow.

That’s my role as an Expressive Creativity Coach. I take you on a journey to your core self and help you see the truth and beauty you’re capable of creating. Then, when you’re ready, I support you in sharing it with the world. 

Whether you dream of writing a book, short stories, songs or poems, or you just want to explore yourself more deeply,  I’ll show you how to create a consistent creative writing practice. One that silences your inner critic, unlocks inspiration and encourages blissful creative flow.    

What Does A Creative Coach Do?

When you work with a Expressive Creativity Coach like me, you embark on a journey of re-discovery and connection. I’m the tour guide on your voyage of improved self-expression. I help you unlock your creative potential, break down barriers, overcome fears, and guide you in achieving the creative life you deserve.

How? In a small-group format, I help you tap into your creative powers with exercises, discussions, and tips that I keep up my sleeve. Instead of working in isolation, I create a safe space of trust and mutual consent, where like-minded people can inspire each other with new ideas. It’s not a place of criticism– it’s an uplifting space of encouragement and non-judgement. That way, your creative spirit feels brave enough to soar. 

Because true creativity takes courage. It asks you to be vulnerable to the moment and see what’s there to find, whether it’s profound, playful or terrifying. It’s all on the table.

Which is why authentic creativity thrives in intimate groups. Designed to be safe spaces of vulnerability, trust, exploration and comfort, creativity is nurtured by support and encouragement. It’s gently coaxed out and (only if you’re ready and willing), let loose to impact the world.

By witnessing and learning from others, you’ll not only form deep, authentic connections, but you’ll also fast-track your progress and growth.

Why Does Creative Coaching Work?

Expressive Creativity Coaching is focused on seeing challenges, overcoming blocks and solving problems through multiple perspectives.

It’s so easy to become lost in limiting thoughts, self-destructive habits and blind spots. And we don’t recognise that authentic creativity is always available to us whenever we like. Many times, we get in our own way with negative thoughts and self-doubt. The inner critic can be a relentless voice in your head. 

But there’s a way to silence it, so you can reach the blissful silence of creative flow. I’ll show you how. In every moment, there’s an opportunity to uncover your beauty and truth.

With a mentor on your side and a supportive, non-judgmental group, you’ll see your creativity in new and exciting ways. You’ll express and explore. And discover the delight in playing with words.

Inspired, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of who you are and the power you have to create the work (and life) you desire. 

Are All Creative Coaches The Same?

If you want to tap into your creative spirit and unleash your full capabilities, it’s crucial you find the right coach for YOU. The creative process is fragile and sensitive. It’s important that you feel safe to let your wildest ideas breathe and expand. It’s also equally important to trust the process your coach is designing.

This road is rewarding– but it isn’t easy. In the process, you’ll come face-to-face with fears. You’ll find hurdles in your path. You’ll trudge through darkness. However, with the right coach, trust and mutual consent, you’ll create meaningful, life-changing work. 

If creativity is important to you, look for a group like my Expressive Creativity Writing Workshop, where you’ll be supported and encouraged without judgement. That way, you’ll be more likely to share without fear, grow, and reach your full creative potential.

But Can’t I Do This On My Own?

Maybe. Maybe you can get your book written. Maybe you can create that piece of writing that’s locked inside your heart. Maybe you can tap into your full creative potential on your own. 

So why haven’t you done it yet? What are you waiting for?

The truth is, most people go to their graves having never told their stories. Many dream about finding a creative outlet that resonates with them and sharing their work — but they never do it. Their life experiences are never shared. Their lessons and perspective are lost. 

But you have something meaningful to create. Something special inside you is waiting to be found. You just might need a little help finding it. Most of us do.

As a Creative Business Writer with 18 years’ experience in communications, marketing and journalism, I know how tough the creative process can be when you’re doing it alone. It’s nearly impossible to reach your creative potential by yourself– especially if you don’t know how to clear common obstacles.

With Expressive Creativity Coaching, you’ll overcome the paralyzing fear of the blank page, destructive habits, limiting beliefs or lack of inspiration. Whatever you struggle with to write from the heart, we tackle head-on.  You’ll have a mentor to show you the right route to creating the work you’ve always wanted. 

Plus, you’ll have an uplifting group of like-minded people travelling the same journey as you– always ready with a quick word of encouragement and a gentle nudge to move forward.

Stop Waiting And Make Your Creative Dreams Happen

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve written a dozen novels or never typed a word– as an Expressive Creativity Coach, I’ll help you create from a place of authenticity, silence your critical mind and awaken the writer within. 

Because that’s what an Expressive Creativity Coach does– from overcoming fears to removing creative blocks to creating a consistent and inspirational creative practice, you’ll write the words that are patiently waiting to be voiced. 

Sound good?  Apply now for a limited spot and let’s get started. 

I can’t wait to see what you’ll create…