Six Reasons Your Creativity Skyrockets When You Work With A Group

Writer’s block? Unmotivated and uninspired?

It might be time to tap into the power of an authentic creativity writing group.

Writing can be a rollercoaster: one day you’re soaring on the wings of inspiration, the next you’re frustrated and stuck with self-doubt. It’s enough to scare the bravest souls away from the horrors of the blank page. And who can blame them? As an Authentic Creativity Coach and Creative Business Writer of 18 years, I’m the first one to admit that writing is tough!

Express Yourself With Words That Resonate Deeply

But the days of suffering alone for your craft are over. With zillions of books, articles, videos, courses and conferences, writing is more accessible than ever before. Which is why, in the 21st century, Ernest Hemingway’s famous line about good ideas only coming when “there is no one to disturb you” needs to be chucked in the bin. Instead, American toy-maker and creativity expert, Roger Von Oech, had it right when he said, 

“Most brilliance arises from ordinary people 

working together in extraordinary ways.”

While inspiration can strike at any time (bubble-bath Eureka moments, anyone?), one of the best ways to fast-track your writing progress and tap into your creative flow is with the right group of people. Here’s why:

A Safe Space Gives You Room To Grow

Although there are tons of creativity and writing groups out there, you’re most likely to thrive when you’re surrounded by supportive and non-judgemental people– especially if your number one goal is nurturing your creativity. 


True creativity comes from authenticity and finding that place within. It requires vulnerability and trust so you feel safe enough to explore your truth. It’s courageously going where inspiration takes you, even when it’s terrifying. It’s the surprise you find when you follow your heart. That’s when your story breathes to life, connecting your experience to others. 


But, that can’t happen when you’re stressed out about your group. If you’re worried that you’ll be criticized, put down or made fun of, your creative spirit will hide. Which is why having a group with trust, truth and consent is so crucial. In a judgement-free space, authentic creativity can thrive.


You’ll Experience The Magic That Happens In Numbers

Light bulb moments. Novel ideas. Fresh insights. 

Anyone who’s worked in a trusted group of encouraging people has likely experienced the magic that happens when sharing and witnessing together. It’s in those spaces of intuitive truth that authentic creativity shows up. 

Although you can find inspiration on your own, new perspectives, experiences and stories from a diverse group of people awakens your creative spirit like nothing else.

Build The Confidence To Share Your
Work With The World

When you first start sharing your work with other people, it can be nerve-wracking. You’re opening your heart and soul, sharing your deepest thoughts, experiences, and creativity. And you have no clue how it’ll be received. What if they hate it? What if I’m a terrible writer? What if everyone else is better than me?


Don’t worry. When you share your work (especially for the first time), it’ll be scary. Your palms will sweat. Your voice could crack. You might be tempted to make a run for it. And that’s okay. What you’re doing is hard. 


But if you’ve chosen a group with trust and mutual consent, you’ll feel safe enough to bare your truth– improving your writing by leaps and bounds. Sharing your work and witnessing others share theirs, you’ll build confidence, cultivate your voice and relax blissfully into the writing process.

Writing Like You Just Won’t Quit

Even when you have the best tools and courses at hand, your writing can stall if it stays in a vacuum. The beauty of joining an uplifting creative group is finding like-minded people and sharing your journey of self-expression. We’re more likely to succeed if we don’t walk it alone.

And that’s why, on the days where inspiration is nowhere to be found, your group will push you forward. Instead of procrastinating, you’ll show up for others and the commitment you’ve made. And on those really bad days – the ones where you beat yourself up for not doing enough, tell yourself to give up? You’ll have supportive voices to keep you going.

Want that type of motivational support right now? Check out my Authentic Creativity Writing Workshop where you’ll explore your creativity, express your truth and let it be heard.

Create Deep, Sustaining Connections With Others

Distractions. Social media. Chaotic lifestyles. Life can get so busy that we lose our sense of connection with life. Maybe we don’t make time for our partners, or we’re always screening email notifications, leaving us to crave authentic connection. 


For a lot of us, this lack of connection doesn’t just hurt our self-esteem and confidence, it’s also a hurdle to our creative expression.

By joining an inspirational writing group, you can create the connections you’re yearning. It’s even backed by science– in a study from Basic and Applied Social Psychology, researchers found that when people read stories about each other, they develop more empathy, leading to deeper bonds and authentic connections. 

By showing your vulnerable truth to others and witnessing theirs without judgement, you’ll create lasting bonds that feed your creativity and elevate your life.


Become The Writer You’ve Always Wanted To Be-- Quickly

It can take years to learn from our mistakes and successes.

When we create alone and shy away from sharing, our writing progress can stall– sometimes without us knowing it.  Unaware of our blind spots, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, blunting our full creative potential.

That’s where small, supportive groups like the Authentic Creativity Writing Workshop shine. In this intimate online group, you can fast-track your progress by witnessing and learning from the experiences of others on the same journey.

And, though you’re all on the same path,  a creative writing group is like having a gateway into undiscovered worlds. You’ll hear different perspectives, stories and truth. You’ll share in other people’s loves, losses and lessons. Perceiving the world through a fresh lens, you’ll have a new understanding of motivations and fears you’ve never imagined.

You’ll see things diversely, maybe for the first time in your life, igniting your creativity in unusual and exciting ways.

That’s when inspiration lights up and your work begins to thrive. Working together, you’ll explore other people’s creative processes, which are completely different from your own, and learn tips and techniques that make you a better writer.

Suddenly, you’ll access new words, ideas, and concepts that weren’t available to you before. The world will look multifaceted and your creative spirit will soar. You’ll be transformed.

In the act of sharing and witnessing, you’ll not only fast-track your progress and growth, but you’ll also form deep, authentic connections and friendships for life.

Journey With Amazing People On The Path To Authentic Creativity

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