Lots of people write for business, and many can write well. But effective copywriting needs more than professional language and accurate grammar if it’s going to help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Good copywriting is smooth and unsullied, awakening interest, curiosity and desire.

Great copywriting* grabs attention, stirs emotions, drives messages home and incentivises positive actions.

Bad copywriting generates boredom, distaste, ridicule and – arguably worst of all – nothing.

The words in your promotions are your messengers. Do they truly represent you? Get you noticed by the right people for the right reasons? Make connections, generate positive reactions?

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*spoiler alert – great copywriting lives here

“Working with Rowena was easy. She was astute. She quickly understood what we were doing and what we needed. So the copy that she produced was directly relevant to our core propositions – creative and pithy. Response to the website has been very encouraging and related e-shot has generated new interest and leads. Above all, she was a pleasure to deal with.”
Brian McCaul, Creator and Moderator, The Innovation Commons


Company logo, imagery, colour palette: they all attract the eye and create an important first impression of your brand. But what about verbal branding – what your marketing literally says about you?

Visual branding makes you look good. But verbal branding says you’re more than a pretty face.

Defining your brand values helps your audience to understand, appreciate and identify with you – and can also help you to pinpoint and develop your business strategy, objectives and vision. 

Tone of voice guidelines help to define and convey your brand personality, and keep your communications consistent no matter how many employees are talking (or typing) on behalf of your business.

Choosing your company name or strapline can be surprisingly difficult. Yet the ‘aha’ moment when you hit on the right words (and associated URL) is incredibly satisfying.

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“We knew that Stellify was strategically important and had huge potential, but it lacked the language and definition to really make sense. You helped us work out exactly what we were trying to say throughout the campaign, creating a shared language and tone of voice that was grounded in the daily reality of the University but enabled us to present an ambitious and aspirational vision of the future. That’s a tricky line to walk, and you pulled it off with great sensitivity and insight.”
Pete Morris, Student Communications and Marketing Manager, The University of Manchester


Marketing campaigns. You might love them, or hate them*. But what matters is: do they work?

Successful marketing campaigns do three things: connect with the target audience, convey an appropriate message and encourage a positive outcome. Good copy is essential to this process.

Take Greens – a delightful vegetarian restaurant in Didsbury, Manchester. The message, ‘Vegetarians love us. You will, too.’** addresses their target audience (primarily vegetarians, but also meat-eaters – they receive positive accolades from both groups). It conveys a positive message (we’re great at what we do). And it encourages an action (try us – you won’t be disappointed).

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*Yes, like Marmite: one of the UK’s most successful marketing campaigns ever.

**Yes, I wrote this message.

"Rowena understood instantly what we were trying to achieve - a firm sense of brand identity, but with a playful, personal twist that would appeal to long-standing and new customers alike. 'Vegetarians love us... You will, too' and 'It's your taste buds we care about, not your lifestyle' perfectly sum up our business objectives. Working with Rowena could not have been easier; we knew immediately she would deliver exactly what we were hoping for."
Simon Connolly, Director, Greens Restaurant