If you want your business to grow, the golden rule is to make your company time as productive as possible. In other words, stick to what you’re good at and delegate the rest to other experts. (Like copywriters. Ahem.)

Your marketing should be strategic, attracting more of the business that you want to keep both you and your customers happy.

I’ll ask you questions that get to the heart of your story and what you want to achieve. I’ll help you to hone and express your business vision and goals, and craft messages that will both delight your clients and deliver your objectives.

Discover copywriting, verbal branding and marketing consultations tailored to your business – or contact me to discuss your marketing needs.

“Since meeting Rowena we have engaged her services on a number of projects, because each time she has delivered a very high standard of work very quickly... We think she is first class and I do not hesitate to give her a glowing reference.”
Stephen Ward, Managing Director, Clerksroom


While I’m an experienced freelancer, I’ve also previously been lucky enough to be part of an award-winning in-house communications and marketing team. These are the guardians of your brand – and they tend to have a lot on their plate.

Sometimes you need something extra: the spark of a fresh perspective on a creative campaign, or an experienced content professional to help get the job done.

Whether you need a creative consultant to run a writing workshop, or consult on a marketing project or campaign, a tone of voice expert to keep your verbal brand on track, or a talented writer to get some copywriting just right for a vital comms project, contact me to find out how I can help your team deliver.

“I enjoyed working with Rowena for her clear thinking, creativity and positive outlook. She is a great collaborator with a real skill of being able to work with and get the best out of everyone. Her unflappable and conscientious disposition combined with a sharp marketing mind means I would have no hesitation in working with Rowena again and again.”
Terry Hudghton, Director of Communications and Marketing, The University of Manchester


Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Chips and gravy. Collaborations can be wonderful things.

Get the right talent working together on a creative project and watch the magic happen (and even delivered on time).

Whether you’re looking for the original spark of a fresh perspective, or a talented scribe on a content project, my copywriting services are at your disposal.

(I won’t take up office space, either; while I happily attend meetings and interviews with co-creatives and clients, I conduct most of my work remotely. It keeps my costs low and my flexibility and creativity high.)

Contact me to discuss your collaborative creative needs.

“We absolutely LOVE working with Rowena! This lady knows words and their power. Helping the design of a new website be a pleasure.”
Pete Ruane, Director, We Are Life