A Creative Brand Book

Upgrade Your Brand With A Creative Brand Book

Think brand, and most people go straight to logo. But to truly stand out in the minds and hearts of your customers, your brand needs to be much more than just a pretty face.

Place identity at the heart of your brand. Define who you are and what you stand for; articulate your vision and purpose, describe your best qualities and services – and you’ll attract like-minded customers who love to do business your way.

So Much More Than Just A Logo

Yes – the Brand Book will include a fantastic logo and colour scheme – either something that you already have and love, or a brand new one that my trusted designers can create for your new or refreshed brand – along with guidance on how to use them in your marketing.

But your Creative Brand Book will also be packed full of words that will help to:

  • Inform your strategic business decisions.
  • Guide you down suitable paths for sustainable and meaningful growth.
  • Inspire your current and future marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Align current and future staff with your brand culture.
  • Effectively communicate and connect with your ideal clients.

Here’s How We’ll Make Your Creative Brand Book:

  • A discovery call with the business owners will enable me to get to grips with the story and vision of your business and its owners/founders – where you’re at, where you’ve been and where you want to be.
  • A comprehensive branding questionnaire helps me to get inside your head and know what you know – the work you do, brands you love, strengths and talents, ideal future. My job is to bring clarity to any confusion, so spill it all out any way you can.
  • In a two-hour intensive workshop (via Zoom) we’ll wrestle with your vision, values and ideal clients, and define your brand personality. We’ll cover your style, relationships, goals, how you want to show up in the world.
  • I’ll do my research, getting to know your industry and interests in greater depth to help your brand stand out from our competition and be intrinsically you.
  • We’ll nail your tone of voice – how your brand will express itself and show up in the world.
  • We’ll look at the visuals – styles that you like, colours that you love, imagery that gets your eyeballs watering (in a good way!).
  • We’ll create your Brand Book – a comprehensive guide containing everything you need to articulate your new brand and put it to good use.

As a creative writing coach who helps others to tap into their authentic creativity, I always like to bring something extra creative to the business table, too. Have a look at my blog for examples of the kind of creative writing that could become part of your authentic brand.

Let’s talk

On our first discovery call we’ll discuss your unique needs – and, if you’re interested in creating an authentic brand for your business, I’ll send you a tailored proposal outlining what we can do and how much it will cost.

The Creative Brand Book package starts at £3,000.